March 15, 2017

Given the amazing work accomplished by the International Organization WikiLeaks during the past decade, I can't help but give kudos as well as remind everyone exactly how well informed we are due to their hard work. WikiLeaks has been around since 2006 and founded by a bad ass CypherPunk/Rockstar/Savior named Julian Assange. WikiLeaks is essentially an anonymous/digital/encrypted safe haven archive for whistleblowers around the globe with a perfect track record of 100% accuracy – YES 100%, I'm not joking. How is that even possible? The fact checking and manpower involved to sustain this record throughout millions of detailed documents hurts my brain to comprehend. But Assange and WikiLeaks carry this torch and burden with pride and determination unlike anything we have ever witnessed in the realm of social advocacy and accountability.

Given everything WikiLeaks stands for, you would assume most of humanity would be completely stoked on WikiLeaks, do anything they can to help, and throw piles of money at the organization to keep it alive. But instead the opposite is true because many people become trivial/blind in the face of truth. In fact considering the current circumstances, I'm amazed WikiLeaks is still operating and Assange is alive (hallelujah). To put things into perspective, Assange has been running WikiLeaks under exile within the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012 due to bogus charges. WikiLeaks is running on very little cash and many of the individuals/attorneys/researchers helping WikiLeaks are doing so without any pay whatsoever.

Realizing that Assange has not stepped outside of the Ecuadorian Embassy in almost 5 years seems preposterous to me. After 5 YEARS in captivity, my own resolve would be completely destroyed. Therefore, I must commend Assange for toughing things out like a CHAMP throughout his overt persecution and covert attempts at undermining his courageous efforts. We should be doing anything we can to help Assange Out of Exile and witness him enjoy the great outdoors, eat something other than Fishsticks and Chorizo, take a Deep Breath, and get some much needed medical attention.

If we are not going to Assist Assange, then at the very least help supply, decode, evaluate, and share WikiLeaks Wealth of Information and Knowledge so that we can work together as a global collective to create more informed and intelligent options for Humanity. Simply spend a little LESS time throughout your day posing for Fed-Book or watching twerk videos and GO ONTO WikiLeaks to educate yourself. To quote the movie Total Recall – OPEN YOUR MIND...