April 1, 2020

OK campers, rise and shine... and don't forget your face masks, cuz it's gonna be SCARY out there today! Welcome to the age of Hyper-FEAR culture. We have been living in an age of fear ever since the 1940s and McCarthyism, but now this media hysteria and fear shapes our daily lives in extreme and terrifying ways... and there's nothing we can do about it... or is there???

Now that the COVID-19 outbreak may finally be starting to subside, let's take a look at the past few months to try and make sense of it all, shall we? Back in January all the Media Conglomerates slowly began scaring the hell out of us, which put President Trump and the White House on high alert, then we had millions of social media mavens adding fuel to the fire by tweeting statements about "social responsibility" and "doing your part" to stay home.

When I first heard of COVID-19, my first reaction was... OK, so there is YET ANOTHER terrible virus out there that can kill me, what's the big deal? (...Quick Google Search...) Oh, it affects the lungs and REALLY OLD people with pre-existing health problems are most at risk...


But, for whatever reason, we did NOT move on. We chose to Shut-Down-The-World... WHY?

This is a serious question that I want everyone to consider for at least 5 minutes. Come up with reasons, then validate that reasoning. REALLY stop and ASK yourself, why are you sitting at home right now?

For example, why didn't we simply do what Sweden (and eventually Germany) did, considering they have had even FEWER COVID-19 deaths compared to the flu this year? Their solution was simple and LOGICAL... let all the young people whom are not affected the too badly by the disease (kids are used to the flu) go to school as usual, leave all bars, restaurants, and businesses OPEN, and keep all OLD and Fragile people in quarantine for their safety... PROBLEM SOLVED, CATASTROPHE AVOIDED!

So, please tell me why did YOU submit to Self-Imposed-Slavery and do as your masters told you?

Because the media outlets screamed DISEASE CAN KILL YOU?

Because your job sent out a work from home mandate?

Because you will get arrested for going surfing?

Most likely, it was ALL of the above... but for the record, I was NOT on board with the self-quarantine mandate from DAY 1. My only hope at this point is that after this little #SocialExperiment, we all come to our senses and we conclude once and for all that this should NEVER happen again because let's face it, the losses have been FAR too great.

Let's take a look at what we have lost as a result of taking all these EXTREME safety measures to save a few lives... And yes, I said that correctly... a FEW lives... Hundreds of thousands of people DIE each year from the FLU globally (out of billions of people), and the same is true for COVID-19 (but mainly just old people)... that equals LESS THAN 0.0001% of the global population... So, WHY THE PANIC?

- Do you really fear getting sick yourself? If so, do you get a flu shot every year, or simply take care of yourself and wash your hands often?

- Do you have OLD loved ones that you care about living close to you? Can you simply quarantine them since they are at highest risk?

I'm NOT saying COVID-19 is not scary, it IS. But so is AIDS, so is pneumonia, so is typhoid. Yet, I don't run around in a hazmat suit like Putin every day in fear that the world is ending. I simply try to remain in good health, I WASH my hands often, and I use COMMON SENSE when I am out in public. Come to think of it... the people telling evryone that YOU MUST STAY HOME are the people that ARE in poor health and THEY are over 70 years of age and at highest risk of diesease...

I think I just SOLVED the riddle! Politicians and media moguls care MORE about THEIR safety than YOUR general well being... Imagine that! LOL.

So, what will be the end result of taking all these extreme safety measures to save a FEW Polticians lives?

- Most small businesses will go bankrupt this year
- 30% unemployment rate in the USA
- Tanked Stock market and 401Ks
- Higher divorce rates among families
- WAY higher suicide rates and drug/alcohol overdoses
- Higher mental illness cases
- NO education this year for K-12 students
- NO sporting events
- NO church or congregations
- NO symphony, no ballet, no bars, no clubs, no restaurants
- NO surfing or other outdoor activities

In summary, you have fully submitted to Self-imposed-slavery for what exactly? All that comes to mind is that lovely song by Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath... let's ensure that this NEVER happens again and let common sense prevail!