New kidz on the Blockchain
January 23, 2020

I've been babbling on about cryptocurrency for the past few years and hailing it as the greatest thing since the invention of the Web. Yet, for the most part, cryptocurrency has _yet_ to become something that we all use on a daily basis (beyond simply trading coins on the marketplace). I have to constantly remind myself that most people are about 5 years behind my current thinking. For example, when I made my first Web page back in 1994, I remember telling anyone who would listen, that "The WEB is SOOO AMAZING that it will soon transform your life completely". And the response I got from most people at the time was, "Ya Right"... but 5 years later, every single Super Bowl commercial was promoting some new Website such as (member that one? LOL).

For various reasons which I will shed some light on, cryptocurrency has had a bit of a slower start than most new technologies since its launch in 2009. It has taken ten years to really gain any traction (which is an eternity in Tech) because for one, it costs most people REAL MONEY to enter the crypto market. Unlike pulling up a FREE webpage on your computer back in the day and getting free content. To obtain cryptocurrency, you either need to do your own Coin Offering (a rather serious undertaking at this point), or you need to invest your REAL DOLLARS into a coin that you _hope_ will have more value in the future. The main thing holding back cryptocurrency at the moment is the buzzword of 2020, a word that you will hear over and over again... UTILITY.

Real-world 'utility' in cryptocurrency is what will be driving the future of financial transactions. Utility tokens are digital assets designed to be spent within a certain blockchain ecosystem. There are countless new cryptos on the market that will be utilized by millions of users on a daily basis here soon and the main reason this will happen boils down to ONE thing... EFFICIENCY. Without a doubt, nothing is faster and more efficient than cryptocurrency in terms of moving MASSIVE amounts of value from one place to another. For instance, Sia, a decentralized, peer-to-peer cloud storage solution, pays people in Siacoin to those who rent out extra space on their computers on the Sia network. Similarly, those who want to use Sia's storage must pay a host in Siacoins. Or, let's say you have a Tesla like me and rather than paying PG&E for juice with my credit card every time, I could use a cryptocurrency like POWR to pay for my energy directly from the powergrid itself! Or, let's say I'm playing the game of the week on my cellphone and rather than using my credit card to pay for ammunition for my avatar, I would pay from my digital wallet using NEO, something setup specifically for gaming networks!

If in the future, there will be all of these new cryptocurrencies out there for all these different ecosystems, won't that be a headache keeping track of all the different "coin" types in your digital wallet??? Well, the short answer is "maybe"... Right now for example, I have about 30 different cryptocurrencies in my digital wallets, some of them are "utility tokens", and some of them are for investment purposes. I kind of think of it like this... Back when I was REALLY young (pre Euro), I was travelling around Europe and I remember having some US Dollars in my wallet, along with Pounds, Marks, Francs, and Lira because I was travelling through different countries and needed the currency relevant to the country I was in. In the future, you will be using cryptocurrency the same way.

I can see you rolling your eyes now and thinking "why in the fuck would I bother with all of that?" Well, because there will come a day when it will save you time and money and it will be as easy as clicking a few buttons! Like I said, cryptocurrency is very efficient for moving money from one place to another (globally) AND there is blockchain behind it, keeping track of every transaction making it easier to spot fraud, and impossible to "double spend". I can't count the number of times I've been "double charged" on my credit cards over the years :(

I must admit, getting EVERYONE onboard with these new financial instruments will be a TREMENDOUS task. But the long-term rewards and benefits of cryptocurrency far outweigh the inconvenience of having to adopt them... and EARLY ADOPTERS will be rewarded GREATLY! I have spent the past few years buying cryptocurrencies, knowing full well that it may be five years before I see astronomical gains, however I have absolute faith! It may take another 5 years before you can order takeout from your mobile phone while paying with FOOD coins, but that day WILL come! Right about the same time that AR/VR takes off and we will all be helplessly stuck in virtual worlds, playing with virtual friends, eating virtual food, and paying with virtual currency (crypto)... but that's a whole separate discussion which I'll save for later...

If you DO care about your financial future once ALL global financial markets are RESET, the main thing you should concern yourself with now is educating yourself on cryptocurrency, then buying and HODL-ing as much as you can. I will start you off with a few lessons...

1. FORGET Bitcoin (old-skool tech) and focus on 2nd Generation or 3rd Generation coins.

2. Buy XRP, XLM, ETH, ADA, and maybe NEO (if you like Gaming/China).

3. HODL your coins for five years and thank me later.