Oh Shit
October 2, 2017

I can't help but laugh out loud when I hear certain 'groups' blatantly make statements that are totally ludicrous and totally false, hoping that the masses will envelope themselves in their distractions and become disillusioned from reality. There are countless recent examples of this nonsense and as these fabrications have become ever-increasing, I have become completely desensitized to them along with many others. Yet they have still managed to form a new wave of paranoia that is sweeping the nation and the globe.

This wave of paranoia should be of increasing concern for everyone moving forward as we approach the age of technological enslavement. I have seen the future first hand, a future where we are at the mercy of the technology we create and I have many concerns. Within less than a decade the world as we know it will be a VERY different place. The big tech giants, many of whom I have consulted with over the years know exactly what's coming as well. They are fully aware of the pros and cons of the new technologies they are creating, their new markets for control, as they fabricate the next-generation of gadgets and systems that will enslave your souls.

If you want to see the effects caused by this enslavement, simply look at the latest generation of '.net-ers'... 50% of the Techie Generation are all addicts... whether it be illicit drugs, psych meds, alcohol, sex, gaming, qwerty-ing, hacking, or biohacking, they are annihilating themselves with destructive habits in an attempt to nullify the pain of losing themselves to technology. I have mentioned this 'dark side' of technology before and many of you claimed that I was being a bit of a 'downer', but this is the world we live in and I am simply a messenger. A messenger here to remind you that we are on the brink of a new age for mankind, a new age of thinking, communicating, working, learning, driving, banking, entertaining, procreating, and living. Our future is laid out before us in magnificent detail if you know where to look. We are currently the alpha-version of a pre-programmed breed of human being within a new form of technological enslavement.

The key is to remain HUMAN for as long as possible and I plan on being here for another hundred years at least, so I have my work cut out for me moving forward. If I were to outline what we have coming in the realm of new advancements, just in the coming decade, and rate the Top Three on a scale of 'Oh Shit' level, it would go something like this...

1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Virtual Reality

I'm not here to school you on the details of these advancements because hopefully you are already doing that yourselves. I am simply stating some of my concerns for these technologies in hopes that we will all begin to understand the serious implications of such advancements moving forward and hence subvert our own dehumanization and enslavement.

VR Tard

Artificial Intelligence

In the beginning, AI will seem like our friend, here to help us solve the most complex of problems. But soon thereafter, we will witness the birth of autonomous malware designed to operate on any device, designed to control and even destroy us. These cross-platform agents will include a variety of exploit and payload tools that can operate across different environments and perform a multitude of destructive functions. This new variant of autonomous malware will gather offensive intelligence about where it's been deployed, then select, assemble, and execute its own attacks against its target without any human intervention. This can infect our Smartphones, TVs, Home Security Systems, Cars, Power Grids, Military, etc. We already know this is coming, countless movies have given us a glimpse of this future (any 2001 fans out there?) yet we invest billions of dollars into bringing AI to life. I do not suggest you lose too much sleep over this, but simply be aware that it IS coming, and it's coming quicker than you think...

Virtual Reality

The fact that FedBook and ZuckieBerger are going ALL-IN on Virtual Reality should scare the hell out of you in and of itself. But regardless of that fact, fully immersive VR in its maturity will be the beginning of the end of humanity's relationship to nature. Nature nurtures mankind, it is our connection to nature that gives mankind its sense of self. Being in the natural environment and being fully in tune with all of our senses is what maximizes the human experience. Once we lose our connection to nature by jacking into virtual environments, we will begin to lose ourselves and enter a completely controlled environment. Each year we inch closer to a new virtual existence. Twenty-odd years ago, I won an award for my fully immersive VR thesis project where I created various VR worlds that explored 5 different human emotions. I myself was attempting to push the limits of VR technology in a futile attempt to replicate the natural world around us. Later, as with many of my efforts, I realized that what I was seeking was NOT Reality at all. Virtual Reality will ALWAYS be just that... Virtual. The more time we spend within these Virtual Realms, the more we will lose touch with the Real World. Therefore as more of these VR environments pop-up, I will remain cognizant of the fact that I am choosing to leave reality, I am choosing to lose touch with myself, I am choosing to enter the obscure and abstract and give up my control.


CRISPR is a term used in microbiology and it stands for Clustered Regularly-Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. CRISPR has a lot of short repeated sequences. These sequences are part of an adaptive immune system for prokaryotes. It allows them to remember and counter other organisms that prey on them, such as bacteriophages. They have the potential to modify the genes of almost any organism. They are part of a tool that allows precisely targeted cutting and insertion of genes in genetic modification. CRISPR may be used at the germline level to create animals (or humans) where the gene is changed everywhere, or it may be targeted at non-germline cells. In short, genetic modification is a VERY tricky subject and for obvious reasons, many people are concerned for future uses of this technology.

Scientists, including a CRISPR co-inventor, recently urged a worldwide moratorium on applying CRISPR to the human germline, especially for clinical use. They said "scientists should avoid even attempting, in lax jurisdictions, germline genome modification for clinical application in humans" until the full implications "are discussed among scientific and governmental organizations". Regardless, China and other nations are going full-power with CRISPR and creating god knows what. We are entering an age where we can re-program human beings at the genetic level, and we should all begin thinking about the consequences of that...