Crazy SF
March 12, 2017

We have all heard of San Francisco, there are many attributes that place this beautiful location into the realm of 'unique cities' in our minds. Beyond the Tech, beyond the Love Child, beyond the Vegan Diet, beyond the Maltese Falcon, beyond Tales of the City, and beyond the Gold Rush... San Francisco is a city like no other.

Don't get me wrong, there are many great cities on Planet Earth (and I've been to a few), but San Francisco is rather special. I remember visiting San Francisco as a child and I experienced various outdoor concerts in Golden Gate Park atop my parents shoulders witnessing the melting pot of Creativity, Intellect, Freedom, and Hope. We explored Muir Woods and hiked up Mount Tamalpais, we sailed the Bay and went to Treasure Island. Early on I loved everything that San Francisco had to offer and I embraced all of the amazing qualities that make this city stand out.

Crazy SF

I was not alone in my youthful awareness, it was contagious and since that time many people have moved here and San Francisco has blossomed into a Global Force... by this I mean that within my lifetime for example I have witnessed countless great companies, ideas, and philosophies blossom from San Francisco's Aorta. Not all of these ideals have turned out as I would have hoped and many of the tech giants here have become TOO BIG in my opinion. This new 'Technopolis' combined with San Francisco's growing hyper-liberalism is tainting a city that was once so beautiful. Even as a conservative, I still find it very hard to leave because I have become accustomed to so many things that I simply cannot do elsewhere. Such as surfing, abalone diving, kayaking the Bay, Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, etc. With everything this city has to offer and all of the beauty surrounding the Bay Area, I can't seem to break away.

I have lived in SF over many years, I powered through the first tech boom, the second tech boom, and now creating a third boom here using technology to solve some of mankinds most challenging issues. I'm not bragging, it's just a reality that happens to Trump all other realities.

I will go out on a limb here by stating that throughout Human Civilization, there have been few cities that have had a more profound Global Impact within such a short period of time. I mean, it's almost ridiculous to even attempt to document all the times that I myself have witnessed the smallest SF concepts rapidly adapt into a new way of life for our entire Planet. Some good, and others not so good (like Facebook, Snapchat, etc) but that's a topic for another discussion.

What truly amazes me is the fact that in demographic terms, San Francisco is relatively small in size and population and it is dwarfed by most major cities by a long shot. I can walk the entire city in one day and SF almost has a small town feel to it in many areas including The Mission, The Haight, Hayes Valley, etc. I have always felt great living here, and I feel healthy. It's the one place that embodies all the elements of nature that I enjoy, the ocean, the rivers, the mountains, and all within reach. At anytime, I can ride my bike to the Marin Headlands, Fort Mason, Ocean Beach, Golden Gate Park, and on, and on, and on...

So, what's the Secret??? To summarize, I will simply call it a unique blend of Imagination And Intellect... Light And Dark... East And West... Sane And Insane... Yin And Yang...