October 5, 2018

The hammer is about to drop, so hold onto your hats (and your sanity) because it's going to be one WILD ride here as we go through the final stages of The Purge. What is truly amazing is how completely oblivious most people are in regards to what is going on behind the scenes right NOW. Monumental shifts are occurring and some entities are going down in flames while others are literally fighting to the DEATH. Some may actually go suicidal or attempt to flee the country in a last ditch effort to save themselves from the absolute destruction that they have caused. I will immerse myself in front row seating throughout this charade while most people simply go about their lives as if nothing is out of the ordinary. That would actually be the ‘best outcome' for the short-term, for things to remain as low-profile as possible without having the entire country turn against one another.

Free Speech

However, I'm sure we will witness some diehards come to surface who have been so BRAINWASHED by the media that they make any and all attempts to cause a scene and stir up controversy amongst our nation. Fortunately, most Americans are so fed up with these incessant shenanigans that they will finally see clear through all the bullshit they've been drowning in for years.

I know one thing for certain, we are witnessing a historical moment for our country and I could not be more PROUD to be American. Naysayers bitch all you want, but never before has our nation seen such swift and impressive economic gain, such low unemployment for everyone, such bold attempts at world peace, while at the same time not promoting ridiculous wars that cost taxpayers trillions. Things will improve even more for our country after these ensuing flushes of the toilet called Washington D.C.

It's time for everyone to take a nice Deep Breath all around and inhale some lovely oxygen before taking the final plunge into the ocean of corruption called the Swamp...