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Waz Up

I'm gearing up for my 2016 travels and awaiting the impending armageddon. Having my pilot's license will come in handy and I hope to get off the beaten path as much as possible while connecting with far-away friends along the way. I will attempt to capture some compelling scenery throughout my travels and post the occaisional photo or video here for anyone who cares to see what's up!


Waz New

I recently got my pilot's license and I absolutely LOVE flying the friendly skies! Geeking out at the controls while soaring through the clouds is the most amazing and thrilling experience you can imagine. Short of surfing epic waves or finding new technologies, there is not much else I'd rather be doing than flying high...

Watch a video of me behind the wings here ➪


Where I've been

Here are some recent pics below. Peruse more photos/videos and find me on the map here ➪


Send a quick message from here to reach me, I try to avoid Facebook so this is your best bet!